Landscape Design Tasks For Your Kids

The patio area, the yard as well as the front lawn are normally landscaped to give your house an upgraded look as well as a welcoming site to visitors. Landscape design, apart from being a craft, could additionally be a different entertainment task for youngs...

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How to Landscape Your Beachfront Property in Charleston

Well-planned landscaping can create idyllic surroundings for property owners. Saltwater landscaping is an option. However, you need to consider cost effectiveness, maintenance, and capability. This will ensure that your property has a healt...

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Landscape Design Tips for Urban Dwellers

Urban living is frequently related to skyscrapers, fast-paced life, and also minimal backyard rooms. When you live in the city, the only chance you get close to nature is either at the park, which is typically crowded or in the countryside, which is impos...

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Irrigation systems

Irrigation systems Charleston

The two major types of irrigation system Drip and sprinkler are discussed here. These two systems have their own features and benefits.

Irrigation system includes water source, water distribution networks and other irrigation equipments. There a...

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How to landscape your backyard for noise reduction and privacy

People will do anything to reduce the noise and traffic noise in their neighborhoods and around them. One way to reduce noise is clever landscaping Charleston SC. This is a great way to lower the noise level in residential and commer...

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How to landscape for curb appeal

Curb appeal is a key contributor to the value of your home, along with location. What determines curb appeal? The landscaping Charleston SC in your front yard. A study has shown that landscaping can increase your home’s perceived value by 5-11%. Your front yard i...

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Install a lawn irrigation system to save money, time, and energy

Summer should not be spent tending to the yard, worrying over your water bills, and untangling the gardenhose. Many homeowners have installed lawn irrigation system Charleston SC to cut down on time and money. These units can hel...

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Shade Landscaping For Greater Variety in Your Garden

Various parts of a garden might have entirely different conditions, shade landscaping takes advantage of those locations which have light-limited in some way. The sunshine in a garden may be restricted by synthetic barriers such as the wall of...

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Why is landscaping important?

Landscaping says many things about a house. It’s the main component in the curb appeal of your home. It sets the tone for the remainder of the design of your home, both exterior and interior. But, landscaping provides benefits that go beyond visual aesthetics. Keep ...

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a year ago
Paul and his team did a great job creating a backyard retreat at our beach home. we have a great place to entertain with an outdoor kitchen, and beautiful landscaping.. Good work and professional.
- Frances C
a year ago
I would highly recommend Porter Hayes Landscaping. Paul was very professional and provided a reasonable price for general landscaping. They showed up on time and my yard looked incredible when they finished.
- Michelle M
a year ago
Paul did the pavers and landscaping around our new pool in North Charleston. He did a great job and we loves the blend of flowers and bushes. We now have a great area for outdoor entertaining and summer fun.
- Brad b

Professional Residential & Commercial

Several business and homeowners might believe that landscaping is just for aesthetic reasons. However, it goes way beyond the  appearance. Landscaping offers many advantages for both commercial and residential property owners. With the help of professionals, you can have a great looking, functional, and sustainable landscape.

Visual Advantages

The first of the details that most onlookers notice when it comes to a professionally maintained and designed landscape are the lushness of the lawn, the pathway lines, the well trimmed trees and hedges, the vibrant flowerbeds as well as the water features of ornamental accessories. Landscapes that are filled with flowerbeds could produce wonderful scents and stunning shades however, the benefits of landscaping are more than these.

Environmental Benefits of Residential Landscaping

There are several environmental advantages to expertly maintained designed commercial and residential landscaping. Professional landscapers in Charleston work with business and homeowners to make a landscape that satisfies all of their requirements while also doing good by the environment. Environmental advantages of landscaping are as follows:  

Clean environment – plants include flowers, shrubs, grass, and trees can help catch dust and pollutants. Grass as well as other plants produce oxygen, which all living creatures need to live.

Cleaner air – aside from producing oxygen, plants and grasses could also absorb carbon dioxide, which they transform into carbon and oxygen, which provides more oxygen for property owners.

Cooling characteristics – grass is much cooler than asphalt, cement, and other non porous surfaces. Properties with grass lawns could experience a cooling effect that keeps the surface for about 20 degrees cooler than bare soil and asphalt. The Commercial and residential properties with grass lawns will enjoy the cooling effect that keeps the surface at the very least 20 degrees cooler than bare soil or asphalt. Additionally, a property with threes offer shade to the building structures might also experience reduced interior temperature.

Less Noise – pavement, concrete and other hard surfaces could increase the noise levels in a property. However, those that have landscaped lawns, plants and trees could significantly decrease the pollution and noise levels in their area.

Water Filtration – landscaping has trees, plants, and grass that could absorb harmful runoff and can help in filtering it, meaning water supplies are kept healthier.  

Benefits Of Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping services offer several benefits to business owners. The number of businesses that rent spaces in a building that has top quality landscaping could increase. The lush landscaping and tree canopies could encourage shoppers to travel much further, stay much longer, and also spend more cash at businesses. Employees who could enjoy the view of a well manicured lawn from the windows of a commercial building perform better and enjoy better health. Professional landscaping services concentrate on designing lawns as well as green spaces that fulfill the needs of the client while protecting the environment.  

If you are searching for local residential or commercial landscaping services, don’t hesitate to call Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC.

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